Salami Sausage Making How to Cure Meat Curing Make Secrets Recipes, Books on CD

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller jdxu (12,339) 100%, Location: Lalor, VIC, Ships to: AU & many other countries, Item: 380372336510 The Ultimate Collection of Classic Books on Meat Curing & Salami, Sausage Making & Food Preserving This is a collection of 5 classic books (in PDF format) on Meat Curing & Salami, Sausage Making & Food Preserving. Each PDF Reprint is an electronic facsimile version of the actual book published in around 1900s. PDF Reprint #1 302 Pages Meat Curing and Sausage Making Secrets Revealed Originally published in 1920s, this is a complete, practical manual on how to cure hams, shoulders, bacon, corned beef, etc., and how to make all kinds of sausage, etc. It's a great reference for anyone interested in the processes, methods and recipes for meat curing and sausage making. Contents Covered (Index) Age for Killing Ant-Bane Atomizer for Insecticides and Liquid Disinfectants Auto-Glo Bacon, Advice on Curing Bacon, Breakfast, How to Pump Bacon, Failure in Curing, Cause of Bacon, Heavy Bellies, How to Cure Bacon, How to Keep for Six Months Bacon, How to Keep for a Year Bacon, How to Wash before Smoking Bacon, Light Bellies, How to Cure Bacon, Molding, How to Prevent Bacon, Sugar Cured Breakfast Barometer, Paper, How to Make Barrel Packing Barrel Pork, Description of Barrel Pork, How to Cure Barrel Pork, Need Not Be Overhauled Barrel Pork, Temperature for Curing Bedbug Killer Beef Cheeks, Direction for Dry Salting Beef Cheeks, How to Cure for Bologna and Frankfurts Beef Cheeks, How to Cure for Canning Beef Hams, How to Cure Beef Hearts, How to Cure for Bologna Beef Livers, How to Cure Beef Tongue, Garlic Flavored Beef Tongue, How to Cure Beef Trimmings, How to Cure Begin Curing Meat in the Pen Belly Pork, Description Berliner Style Ham, How to Make Berliner Style Ham Meat, How to Cure Blood Sausage Blood Sausage, Directions for Making Bockwurst, How to Make Boiling Bologna, Large Boiling Bologna, Round Boiling Ham Boiling, the Brine Bologna, Coating to Prevent Mold Bologna, Drawing Water and Being Dry Bologna, How to Make from Fresh Beef Boiling Thermometers Bologna Fat, How to Salt Bologna, Freeze-Em Pickle Used for Bologna, How to Make Red without Color Bologna, How to Boil Bologna Meat, How to Cure Bologna Sausage, Formula Bologna, Taking Water in Cooking Bologna, Why It Shrivels Bologna, Why It Draws Water Bologna, Without Artificial Coloring Boneless Ham Boneless Rolled Butt Sausage Boneless Rolled Shoulder, How to Cure Boston Shoulders Brains, How to Keep from Spoiling Branding Hams Brine, Absorbs Foreign Odors Brine, Boiling Brine, How to Boil Brine, How Long Should Be Used Brine, Ropy or Stringy, Cause of Brine, Temperature It Should Be Brine Testing Hydrometers Brine Troubles, How to Overcome Brine, When to Use Twice Brass Polish Braunschweiger Liver Sausage, How to Make Bull Meat, Why It Is Best for Sausage Bull-Meat-Brand-Flour, Description of Bull-Meat-Brand-Flour, Imitation Bursting of Casings, How to Prevent Butcher Business, How to Start Butt Pork, Description of Butt Sausage Butts, How to Cure in Closed-up Tierces Butts, How to Cure in Open Tierces Butts, How to Overhaul in Open Packages Butts, Quantity of Brine Necessary for Curing Butts, Shoulders, How to Cure Butts, Square Cut, How to Cure California Hams, How to Cure Calves' Stomachs or Rennets, How to Handle Casings, Bursting, How to Prevent Casing Color Casings, for Holstein Style Sausage, How to Color Casings, for Polish Style Sausage, How to Color Casings, for Swedish Style Metwurst, How to Color Casings, Frankfurts, How to Color Casings, How to Clean Casings, How to Color in Government Inspected Packing House Casings, How to Prepare Before Stuffing Casings, How to Remove Fat Casings, Shrinking, How to Prevent Cattle and Sheep Dip Celery Zest Cervelat Sausage, How to Make Cheeks, Beef, How to Cure for Canning Cheese, Head, How to Make Chemists, Consulting Chile Powder Chill Room Temperature Chilling Meats to Be Cured Chipped Beef, How to Make Chow Chow Cleaning Lard Tierces Cleansing Curing Packages Clear Back Pork, Description Clear Bean Pork, Description Clear Brisket Pork, Description Cold Storine, Legal to Use Cold Storine Coloring Frankfurt Sausage Casings Coloring Sausage Casings Coloring Sausage Meat Artificially Is Illegal Compound Lard Compounding Lard with Cottonseed Oil Condimentine, "A" Condimentine, "B" Condition of Meat before Curing Cooked Corned Beef, How to Make Cooking Thermometers Cooler, How to Build Cooler, Temperature for Dry Salting Coolers, Why They Sweat Copper Polish Corned Beef Brine, How to Make Corned Beef, Cooked, How to Make Corned Beef, Garlic Flavored Corned Beef, How to Know When Fully Cured Corned Beef, How to Pump Corned Beef, Importance of Making Corned Beef, Rolled and Spiced Corned Beef, Seasoning of Corned Beef, Tough and Salty Cotton Seed Oil Lard Compound Cured Meat, Keeping During Summer Curing Dried Salt Meat Curing Hams Curing Meat, Cause of Failure Curing Meat from Farmer-Killed Hogs Curing Meat, General Hints on Curing Curing Meats, Quickest Way Curing Packages, How to Cleanse Curing Pork the Year Around Curing Shoulders Curing Vats, Difference in Size Curing with the Freeze-Em Pickle Process Cutting the Hind Shank Bone Cutting Meat, Experience Necessary Deodorine Difference between Bull - Meat - Brand - Flour and Potato Flour Dill Pickles Disinfectant Drain Pipes, How to Open Stopped-up Dressing Hogs on the Farm Dressing Mutton Dressing Poultry Dried Beef Ends, How to Utilize Dried Beef, Fancy, How to Make Dried Beef, How to Keep for a Year Dried Beef, Why It Does Not Thoroughly Dry Dried Salt Meat, Wash before Smoking Drippings from Refrigerator Pipes Dry Salt Meats Dry Salt Curing, Without an Ice Machine Dry Salt Side Meats, How to Cure Dry Salt Sides, How Long to Cure Eggs, How to Preserve Enamel Cleaner Extra Long Clears, Description Extra Short Clears, Description Extra Short Ribs, Description Facing Hams in a Packing House Family Pork, Lean, Description Farmer-Killed Hogs, How to Cure Fat, How to Salt for Bologna Fat Trimmings, Utilizing Feet, Pigs', Fresh Fertilizer, How to Make from Beef Blood Fish Color; Pure Food Flavors, Prepared Sausage Flour, Bull-Meat-Brand, Description Fly Paper, Sticky, How to Make Food Laws, Complying with in Curing Meat Frankfurt Casings, How to Color Frankfurt Casings, Momentary Dipping of Frankfurts, How to Make Red without Color Frankfurts, How to Make from Fresh Beef Frankfurts, How to Make without Artificial Color Frankfurts, How to Make to Comply with Pure Food Laws Frankfurt Sausage, How to Make Frankfurt Sausage Meat, How to Cure Freeze-Em Freeze-Em Pickle, Process Freeze-Em Pickle for Blood Sausage Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Bacon Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Barrel Pork Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Beef Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Beef Trimmings Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Beef Hams and Shoulders Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Bologna and Frankfurts from Fresh Beef, How to Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Cheeks Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Dry Salt Meat Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Hams Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Livers Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat without Ice Machine Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Pigs' Feet Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Shoulders Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Tongues Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Bockwurst Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Bologna Sausage Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Boneless Hams Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Boneless Shoulders Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for German Style Ham Sausage Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Hamburger Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Head Cheese Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Holstein Style Sausage Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Liver Sausage Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Metwurst Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Polish Style Sausage Freeze-Em Pickle for Curing Meat for Rolled Spiced Beef Freeze-Em Pickle, Description of Freeze-Em Pickle, Different from Freeze-Em Freeze-Em Pickle, Directions for Using Freeze-Em Pickle, Directions for Pumping Freeze-Em Pickle, Guaranty Freeze-Em Pickle, Imitation Freeze-Em Pickle, Keeps Meat Red Freeze-Em Pickle, Legal Everywhere Freeze-Em Pickle, Legal to Use Fresh Pigs' Feet, How to Keep from Spoiling Fresh Tripe, How to Keep from Spoiling Fuller's Earth, How Used to Refine Lard Furniture Polish Garlic-Flavored Corned Beef Garlic in Powdered Form General Hints for Curing Meats German Style Ham Sausage, How to Make Golden Gloss Shine Guaranty on Casing Mixture Guaranty on Freeze-Em Pickle Gutting Hogs in a Packing House Gutting Hogs on the Farm Gutting Mutton Hamburger Sausage, How to Make Hamburger Seasoning Hamburger Steak, How to Season Ham Facing in a Packing House Ham-Roll-Ine Ham Sausage, German Style, How to Make Hams and Superior Hams Hams, Advice on Curing Hams, Boneless (Sausage) Hams, California, How to Cure Hams, Curing in Molasses and Syrup Barrels Hams, How Packers Brand Hams, How to Boil Hams, How to Cure Hams, How to Cure in Closed-Up Tierces Hams, How to Cure in Open Barrels Hams, How to Keep for a Year Hams, How to Overhaul in Open Packages Hams, How to Pump Hams, How to Wash before Smoking Hams, Keeping for Six Months Hams, Molding, How to Prevent Hams, Picnic, How to Cure Hams, Quantity of Brine to Use for 100 lbs Hams, Shape of Vats for Curing Hams, Sour, Some Causes Why They Sour Hams, Souring, How to Prevent Hams, Souring in the Hock, How to Prevent Hams, Souring in the Smoke House Hams, Use of Molasses and Syrup Barrels in Curing Head Cheese, How to Make Head Cheese, How to Make Solid Head Cheese Meat, How to Cure Hearts, How to Cure for Sausage Hides, Green, How to Trim Hides, How Long to Cure Hides, How to Handle Hides, How to Stack When Salting Hides, Proper Storage for Same Hides, Quantity of Salt to Use for Salting Hides, Salt to Use for Salting Hog Chill Room Ventilation Hog Gutting in a Packing House Hog Hoisting Machines Hog Livers, How to Cure Hog Scald Hog Scalding in a Packing House Hog Scrapping in a Packing House Hog Splitting in a Packing House Hog Sticking Hog Tongues, How to Cure Hogs, How to Dress on the Farm Hogs, How to Gut on the Farm Hogs, How to Kill on the Farm Hoisting Hogs in a Large Packing House Holstein Style Sausage, Directions for Making Holstein Style Sausage, How to Color Casings Horns, How to Polish Horse Radish Hydrometers Ice vs. Ice Machines in Small Plants Ice Water Indelible Marking Ink Indelible Ink Eradicator Ink for Office Use and Fountain Pen Italian Style Salami Sausage, How to Make Jell-Jell Keeping Sausage in Warm Weather Killing and Dressing Cattle Killing Hogs on the Farm Killing Mutton Killing on the Farm Knives, How to Sharpen for Meat Grinding Machines Konservirungs-Salt, Legality of Kraut, Sauer, How to Make Lard and Tallow Purifier Lard, Compound Lard, Handling in a Settling Tank and Agitator Lard, How It Is Refined in Packing Houses Lard, How to Purify Lard, How to Refine with Fuller's Earth Lard, How to Render Lard, How to Settle in a Settling Tank Lard, Not Purified Lard, Purifier Lard, Purifying with Only a Common Kettle Lard, Rendering in a Jacket Kettle Lard, Rendering in a Steam Jacket Kettle Lard, Separating from Water Lard, Strong, from Boars Lard, Tierces, How to Cleanse Lard, Why It Foams When Using Purifier Lard, Why Oil Separates from It Larding Needles, How Used Leaf Lard Pulling in a Packing House Lean Backs, Description Lean End Pork, Description Liver Sausage Liver Sausage, Braunsweiger Liver Sausage, Directions for Making Liver Sausage, How to Smoke Liver Sausage Meat, How to Cure Livers, How to Cure Loin Back, Description Loin Pork, Description Long Clears, Description Lunch Ham Meat, How to Cure Marble Cleaner Meat, Condition before Curing Meat, Curing Failure, Cause of Meat, Curing, Quickest Way Meat, Cutting, Experience Necessary Meat, Fresh, Molding in the Cooler Meat Grinder Knives, How to Sharpen Meat, How to Chill for Curing Meat, How to Cure from Farm-Killed Hogs Meat, Rusty, Cause of Mess Pork, Description of Mess Pork, Short Cut, Description of Metal Polish, Description Mice Killer Mince Meat Mold, How to Prevent on Sausage, Hams and Bacons Moth Powder Mutton, How to Dress Mutton, How to Gut Mutton, How to Kill Neat's Foot Oil New England Style Ham, How to Make Solid New England Style Pressed Ham, How to Make New England Style Pressed Ham Meat, How to Cure New York Shoulder, Description Oil, Neat's Foot Overhauling Barreled Pork Overhauling Hams and Shoulders When Curing Overhauling Meats Ozo Sky-Light Cleaner Ozo Toilet Cleaner Ozo Washing Powder Ozo Waste Pipe Opener Packing in Barrels or Tierces Packer Who Was Deceived Peppered Beef, How to Make Piccalilli Pickle Tester, Description Pickle-Soaked Meats, How to Smoke Pickled Meats, How to Keep for a Year Pickled Pigs' Feet Pickled Pigs' Feet, How to Store Pickled Pigs' Tongues Pickled Spare Ribs, How to Cure Pickled Tripe Pickles, Dill, How to Make Picnic Ham, Description Picnic Ham, Directions for Curing Pig Pork, Description Pigs' Feet, Fresh, How to Keep from Spoiling Pigs' Feet, How to Pickle Pigs' Feet, Pickled, How to Store Pigs' Tongues, How to Pickle Plate Glass Cleaner Polish, Automobile Polish, Enamel Polish, Furniture Polish, Metal Polish Style Sausage, How to Make Polish Style Sausage Casings, How to Color Polish, Silver Polishing Horns Pork, Barreled, How to Cure Pork, Bean, Description Pork, Belly, Description Pork, Butts, Description Pork Cheeks, Directions for Dry Salting Pork, Clear Back, Description Pork, Clear Brisket, Description Pork, Curing the Year Around Pork, Extra Short Clears, Description Pork, Hearts, How to Cure for Bologna Pork, How to Treat When Too Salty Pork, in Barrels, Temperature for Curing Pork, Lean Ends, Description Pork, Lean Family, Description Pork, Loins, Description Pork, Mess, Description Pork, Pig, Description Pork, Rib Brisket, Description Pork Sausage Pork Sausage, Great Importance of Using a Good Binder Pork Sausage, Smoked Pork Sausage, Preventing from Souring in Warm Weather Pork Sausage Seasoning Pork, Short Cut, Mess, Description Pork Trimmings, How to Cure Ill Poultry, How to Dress Preparing Stock for Slaughter Pressed Corned Beef Pressed Ham Pressing Lard Pulling Leaf Lard in a Packing House Pumping Breakfast Bacon Pumping Corned Beef Pumping Hams Pumping Meats, Directions Pumping Meats, Hams, Bacon, etc Pumping Pickle, How to Make Pumping Shoulders Pure Food Colors Pure Food Laws Pure Food Laws, Complying with in Curing Meat Purifying Lard in a Common Rendering Kettle Purifying Tallow Rat Killer, Description Red Color in Bologna, How to Produce Without Artificial Color Refining Lard with Fuller's Earth Refrigerator Pipe Drippings Rendering Lard Rendering Lard and Handling in an Agitator Rendering Lard and Settling It Rendering Lard, Using a Settling Tank and Agitator Rendering Lard without a Settling Tank Rennets, How to Handle Rib Brisket Pork, Description Roach Powder, Description Rolled Boneless Butt Sausage Rolled Boneless Shoulder, How to Cure Rolled Spiced Corned Beef Ropy Brine Ropy Brine, What Causes It Ropy Brine, When Using Old Barrels Rusty Meat, Cause of Salami Sausage, How to Make Salometers, Description Salt for Making Brine Salt Pork, How to Treat Salting Fat for Bologna Sanitary Fluid Sauer Kraut Sausage, Blood Sausage, Blood, Directions for Making Sausage, Bockwurst, How to Make Sausage, Bologna Formula Sausage, Braunsweiger, Liver, How to Make Sausage, Butts Sausage Casings, Bursting, How to Prevent Sausage Casing Color in Government Inspected Packing Houses Sausage Casing Colors Sausage Casings, Shrinking, How to Prevent Sausage, Cervalet, How to Make Sausage Factory Plan Sausage Flavors Sausage, Frankfurts, How to Make Sausage, German Style, Ham, How to Make Sausage, Hamburger, Description Sausage, Hamburger, How to Make Sausage, Head Cheese, How to Make Sausage, Holstein Style, Directions for Making Sausage, How to Keep in Warm Weather Sausage, Liver, How to Make Sausage, Meat Coloring Artificially Is Illegal Sausage, Molding, How to Prevent Sausage, Polish Style, How to Make Sausage, Pork, How to Make Sausage, Salami, How to Make Sausage, Seasoning Sausage, Shrinking, How to Prevent Sausage, Summer, How to Make Sausage, Swedish Style, How to Make Sausage, Tongue, Blood Savory Jell-Jell Scalding Hogs in a Packing House Scalding Preparation Scraping Hogs in a Modern Packing House Seasoning for Sausage Seasoning Hamburger Steak Sewers, How to Open When Stopped Up Sharpening Knives and Plates of Meat Grinders Sheep and Cattle Dip Short Clear Backs, Description Short Clears, Description Short Fat Backs, Description Short Ribs, Description Short Ribs (hard), Description Shoulder Butts, How to Cure Shoulder Clots, How to Cure Shoulder, Boneless, How to Cure Shoulders, Butts, Description Shoulders, Directions for Curing Shoulders, How to Keep for a Year Shoulders, How to Wash before Smoking Shoulders, New York, Description Shrinking of Sausage, How to Prevent Silver Polish, Description Silver Shine Skinning Cattle Skins, Directions for Tanning Skylight Cleaner Small Details to be Given Close Attention Smoke Color for Fish Smoke House, How to Construct Smoke House, Temporary, How to Build Smoked Pork Sausage Smoked Sausage Casings, How to Color Smoking Pickle Soaked Meat Soap, Making from Rendered Fat Soap Making from Tallow Sour Hams, Causes of Sour Sausage Souse Spare Ribs, How to Cure Spiced Beef, How to Make Spiced Corned Beef, Rolled Spices, Use Only Pure Spices, Zanzibar Brand, Description Splitting Hogs in a Modern Packing House Starting a Butcher Business Sticking Hogs in a Modern Packing House Sticky Fly Paper, How to Make Storing Trimmings, Proper Temperature Stringy Brine, What Causes It Sugar, Kind to Use Summer Sausage, How to Make Swedish Style Metwurst Casings, How to Color Swedish Style Sausage, How to Make Sweet Breads, How to Keep from Spoiling Sweet Pickled Spare Ribs Switches, Salting Tallow Purifier Tallow Purifying Tallow, Rendered Soft and Flaky, Like Lard Tallow, Whitening and Purifying Tanaline Tanning Directions Tanning Powder, Description of Tanning Skins Temperature for Curing Meats Temperature for Storing Trimmings Temperature of Chill Room Temperature of the Brine Thermometer, Boiling Tierce Packing Tin Polish Toilet Cleaner Tongue Blood Sausage Tongues, Beef, Garlic Flavored Tongues, Beef, How to Cure Tongues, Hog, How to Cure Tongues, Pig, How to Pickle Tripe, Fresh, How to Keep from Spoiling Tripe, How to Pickle Vats Ventilation in Hog Chill Rooms Vinegar, How to Test Washing Cured Meat before Smoking Waste Pipe Opener Water, Separating from Lard Window Cleaner Wool, How to Remove Writing Fluid Zanzibar Brand Sausage Seasonings Zanzibar Carbon, by Whom Manufactured Zanzibar Carbon Brand Casing Brown Mixture Zanzibar Carbon Brand Casing Yellow Mixture PDF Reprint #2 165 Pages The Complete Science of Smoking, Pickling and Curing Meat And Fish Contents Covered Bloaters Dutch Salmon Dutch Herrings Smoked Sprats Smoked Mackarel Dried Whitings Kippered Haddocks Smoked Eels Sprats as Anchovies Smoked Anchovies Smoked Pilchards as Sardinias Pilchards, preserved in Butter Smoked Labrador Salmon Cod Sounds Pickled Smelts Miramichi Herrings Kippered Herrings Buckland Split Herrings Potted Salmon Caveach Mackarel Pickled Oysters Collared Eels Potted Sprats Pickled Salmon Potted Eels Devilled Shrimps Potted Trout Westphalia Hams Dutch Beef Hungarian Beef Prussian Hams Hamburgh Beef Collared Beef Spiced Bacon Neats' Tongues smoked Russian Polony Leg of Mutton Hams Smoked Geese Collared Breast of Veal Pickled Pork Potted Neats' Tongues Potted Beef as Venison To pickle Lobsters Herrings pickled or collared Pickled Muscles Kippered Salmon Red Salmon Westphalia Bacon Beef Hams Westmoreland Hams British American Hams Hung Beef Calf's Head Brawn Bohemian Brawn smoked A Warwickshire Ham Larded Flank of Beef smoked Calf's Head smoked Collared Breast of Mutton Side of a Buck collared and smoked A marbled Goose A young Pig collared Bologna Sausages Collared Hare Salmon collared Excellent portable Soup Herrings caveached brown Dutch Herring Paste Pickled Ox-Palates Pickled Pigeons Potted Lampreys Potted Smelts Potted Pike Potted Lobster Potted Mackarel Potted Pigeons Potted Hare Potted Woodcocks Potted Moor Game Potted Venison Pickled Mangoes Pickled Codlins Golden Pippins Pickled Grapes Pickled Apricots, Peaches, and Nectarines Lemon Pickle Piccalilli Pickled Asparagus To pickle Nasturtiums To pickle Green Samphire To pickle Barberries Walnuts pickled green Walnuts pickled white Pickled Cauliflowers Mushrooms pickled white Mushrooms pickled brown Gherkins, to pickle To pickle Red Cabbage Pickled Silver Onions To pickle Red Currants To pickle Beet Roots Green Parsley, to pickle Pickled Celery To pickle Mushrooms Lemon Mangoes Common Sweet Pickle of Melon Elder Flower Vinegar Taragon Vinegar White Gooseberry Vinegar Best common Vinegar Walnut Catsup Mushroom Catsup To prepare Syrup for preserving Fruit Lemons preserved To preserve Peaches and Nectarines To preserve Green Gage Plums To preserve Apricots To preserve Grapes Preserved Damsons To preserve Red Currants in Bunches To preserve Morello Cherries To preserve Cucumbers To preserve Barberries in Bunches Grapes preserved whole Currants for Tarts Green Codlings Golden Pippins Fine Rhubarb Jam Another Bhubarb Jam Jam of Morello Cherries Red Currant Jelly of fine Flavour without boiling Raspberry Marmalade Black Currants for Tarts or Puddings Black Currant Marmalade To preserve Vegetables green and fresh Cucumber Vinegar Good Currie Powder Another good Currie Powder PDF Reprint #3 142 Pages Curing Pork - The Complete Guide Contents Covered INTRODUCTION Pork making on the farm nearly a lost art General merit of homemade pork PORK MAKING ON THE FARM Best time for killing A home market for farm pork Opportunities for profit Farm census of live stock for a series of years FINISHING OFF HOGS FOR BACON Flesh forming rations Corn as a fat producer Just the quality of bacon wanted Normandy Hogs SLAUGHTERING Methods employed Necessary apparatus Heating water for scalding SCALDING AND SCRAPING Saving the bristles Scalding tubs and vats Temperature for scalding "Singeing pigs" Methods of Singeing DRESSING AND CUTTING Best time for dressing Opening the carcass Various useful appliances Hints on dressing How to cut up a hog WHAT TO DO WITH THE OFFAL Portions classed as offal Recipes and complete directions for utilizing the wholesome parts, aside from the principal pieces Sausage, scrapple, jowls and head, brawn, headcheese THE FINE POINTS IN MAKING LARD Kettle and steam rendered Time required in making Storing PICKLING AND BARRELING A clean barrel one of the first considerations The use of salt on pork strips Pickling by covering with brine Renewing pork brine CARE OF HAMS AND SHOULDERS A first-class ham A general cure for ham and shoulders Pickling preparatory to smoking Westphalian hams DRY SALTING BACON AND SIDES Proper proportion of salt to meat Other preservatives Applying the salt Best distribution of the salt Time required in curing Pork for the south SMOKING AND SMOKEHOUSES Treatment previous to smoking Simple but effective smokehouses Controlling the fire in smoke formation Materials to produce best flavor The choice of weather Variety in smokehouses KEEPING HAMS AND BACON The ideal meat house Best temperature and surroundings Precautions against skippers To exclude the bugs entirely SIDE LIGHTS ON PORK MAKING Growth of the big packing houses Average weight of live hogs "Net to gross" Relative weights of various portions of the carcass PACKING HOUSE CUTS OF PORK Descriptions of the leading cuts of meat known as the speculative commodities in the pork product Mess pork, short ribs, shoulders and hams, English, bacon varieties of lard MAGNITUDE OF THE SWINE INDUSTRY Importance of the foreign demand Statistics of the trade Receipts at leading points Prices for a series of years Cooperative curing houses in Denmark DISCOVERING THE MERITS OF ROAST PIG The immortal Charles Lamb on the art of roasting An oriental luxury of luxuries RECIPES FOR COOKING AND SERVING PORK Success in the kitchen Prize methods of best cooks Unapproachable list of especially prepared recipes Roasts, pork pie, cooking bacon, pork and beans, serving shape and cutlets, use of spare ribs, the New England boiled dinner, ham and sausage, etc. PDF Reprint #4 118 Pages Recipes for the Preserving of Fruit, Vegetables, and Meat PDF Reprint #5 93 Pages The Cold Curing of Cheese BONUS PDF e-Text 47 Pages 100 Beef Jerky Recipes Notes for buyers The Product: This item is for 1 CD containing the PDF reprints described as above. The CD is to be used on a computer CD/DVD drive. It cannot be used on any standalone CD/DVD player. The PDF files are to be opened by Adobe Reader v5.0 or above. Payment Methods: Australian customers: PayPal, Direct Deposit International customers: PayPal only Combined Postage: If you buy multiple items and can take all the files on a single CD/DVD, then there is no additional postage & handling charges. Otherwise, postage cannot be combined as each CD/DVD is posted in a separate CD-mailer via Australia Post. Notice to eBay staff This auction abides by eBay’s listing rules and polices. No trademarks and/or copyrights have been violated. We are either the publisher or an authorized distributor of these PDF reprints. Condition: Brand new, Format: PDF Books on Disc, Language: English Insights Exclusive
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