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Seller: Top-Rated Seller jdxu (12,339) 100%, Location: Lalor, VIC, Ships to: AU & many other countries, Item: 161066735050 The Ultimate Collection of classic Books on Blacksmithing, Forging and Welding This is a collection of 27 classic books (in PDF format) on Blacksmithing, Forging and Welding. It truly is the most comprehensive collection of classic works ever written on blacksmithing and is a perfect study resource for all metalwork enthusiasts! Please note: Each of these 27 PDF Reprints is an electronic facsimile version of the actual book published in around 1900s. PDF Reprint #1 151 Pages A Textbook of Elementary Forging Practice Originally published in 1920s, this is an elementary forging textbook suitable for blacksmithing students in technical schools. While a comprehensive knowledge of forging practice can be gained only through contact with a commercial shop doing a wide variety of work, an understanding of fundamental principles can be secured through a carefully planned and conducted course of instruction in a technical school. This book is designed to assist the students in grasping fundamental principles. To this end, a series of 44 projects/plans involving fundamental operations has been devised. Contents Covered Materials and Equipment Materials Wrought Iron, Norway or Swedish Iron, Machinery Steel, High-Carbon Steel, High-Speed Steel Emery-Wheel Test Weight of Iron Shrinkage Forge, Fire Tools, Coal, Building Fire, Coke, Making Coke, Clinker, Banking Fire, Cleaning Fire at End of Period Anvil, Tool Rack Hammer, Backing Hammer, Cross Peen Hammer, Sledges Tongs, Fitting Tongs to the Work Measuring and Marking Tools Flatter, Set-Hammer, Chisels, Grinding Chisels, Bob-Punch, Necking Tool, Fullers, Swages, Swage Block Vise, Cone, Surface Plate, Shears Drawing-Out, Bending and Twisting Oxidizing Fire To Prevent the Formation of Scale Welding Heat, Indications of a Welding Heat Burned Iron Drawing-out, Squaring, or Truing-up, Work Cutting Cold Stock, Cutting Hot Stock Twisting, Punching Common Welds Lap Weld, Upsetting, Scarfing Use of Fluxes in Welding, Method of Using Flux Welded Rings Forge Hook, Common Eye-Bolt, Common Hinge, Flat Ring, Band Ring, Heading Tool, Cupping Tool, Bolts Special Welds Butt Weld, V-Weld, Jump Weld, Split Weld, Split Weld for Heavy Stock, T-Weld, Angle Weld Hammer Work Trip-Hammer or Belt-Hammer, Steam-Hammer Finishing Allowance Forged Wrench, Flat-Jawed Tongs, Link Tongs, Hollow-Bit Tongs Annealing, Hardening and Tempering Steel Annealing, Box Annealing, Water Annealing Hardening, Refining Heat, Recalescence, Tempering, Guide for Hardening, Tempering only the Cutting Edges of Tools, Hardening and Tempering Tools Throughout, Methods of Cooling, Forging Heat of Tool Steel, Heating Steel for Hardening, Importance of Uniform Heating, Hardening at a Rising Heat, Restoring the Grain, Warping in Cooling, Hardening Thin Flat Articles, Tempering Taps, Tempering Carving Knives, Tempering Shear Blades, Tempering Springs, Case-Hardening, Pack-Hardening Treatment of High-Speed Steel Cutting Stock, Forging Heat, The Fire, Heating for Hardening, Cooling, Annealing Tool Forging Selection of Steel for Tools, Lathe Tools, Cold Chisel, Cape Chisel, Round-Nose Cape Chisel, Center-Punch, Round-Nose Tool, Cutting-off Tool, Threading Tool, side Tool, Boring Tool, Cross-Peen Hammer, Eye-Punch, Drift-pin, Small Cross-Peen Hammer Ball-Peen Hammer, Hot Eye-Chisel, Cold Eye-Chisel, Geologist’s Pick, Hand Rock-Drill, Machine Rock-Drill, V-Fullers, Wing Swage, Dolly, Hunting Axe, Hunting Knife 44 Forging Projects/Plans Drawing-out and Bending Ring S-Hook Staples Beam Strap Twisted Gate-Hook Practice Welds -- Fagot Round Lap-Weld Flat Lap-Weld Links of Chain Ring -- Round Lap-Weld Ring -- Link Scarf Forged Hook Common Eye-Bolt Common Hinge Flat Ring Band Ring Upset-Head Bolt Welded-Head Bolt Forged Bolt T-Weld Angle Weld Forged Open-End Wrench Flat-Jawed Tongs Link Tongs Hollow-Bit Tongs Cold Chisel Cape Chisel Round-Nose Cape Chisel Center-Punch Round-Nose Tool Cutting-Off Tool Threading Tool Side Tool Boring Tool Cross-Peen Hammer Small Cross-Peen Hammer Ball-Peen Hammer Hot Eye Chisel Cold Eye-Chisel Geologist’s Pick Hand Rock-Drill Machine Rock-Drill Hunting Axe Hunting Knife PDF Reprint #2 39 Pages Blacksmith Shop Practice Manual This rare 1910s practice manual introduces a practical plan, essential tools and useful skills for operating a blacksmith shop. Contents Covered Arrangement and Equipment of a Model Blacksmith Shop Foundations and Walls Forge Space and Arrangement Arrangement of Steam- and Belt-driven Hammers Location of Blowers, Conduits and Piping Furnaces, Tool Racks, Hammer Foundations and Piping Foreman’s Office, Wash Room, Lockers, etc. Flooring Bar Stock Racks and Storage Fuel Storage and Roof Construction Welding Plain Lap Weld Jump Weld Butt Weld Welding Steel Making Long Lead-screws Portable Forge for Welding Fluxes for Welding The Forging of Hooks and Chains The Forging of Hooks The Forging of Chains Miscellaneous Blacksmith Shop Appliances and Methods A Cheap Home-made Forge Reducing the Diameter of Tool Steel under the Steam Hammer Making Collars under the Steam Hammer Forging an Eyebolt Welding a High-speed Steel Cutter to a Machine Steel Body Pneumatic Flue Welder PDF Reprint #3 91 Pages Farm Blacksmithing A Course in Agricultural Engineering Originally published in 1920s, this classic textbook is designed to teach blacksmithing to agricultural college students and to farmers, featuring 37 practical farm blacksmithing projects all with working instructions, drawings and photographs. As the book is intended to be used as a self-instruction manual, little is left for granted. Farm blacksmithing is a rougher type of work. The important question is: "Does it fit and is it strong enough?" In welding the question is not "How does it look?" but "will it hold?" The dimensions given on the drawings in this book are such that the work will be strong enough and of a size in general use. The sizes should, however, be modified when individual needs require. Contents Covered Tools for the Farm Blacksmith Shop Additional Tools Used in Schools Building a Fire Reading Drawings Blacksmith Operations Projects Ring Flat Point Staple Square Point Staple Gate Hook Door Pull Rope Cleat Meat Hook Gate Hinge Square Crab Hook Slip Hook Small Clevis Clevis with Threaded Pin Spring Seat Hook Hasp Foot Rest Brace Strap Bolt Strap Bolt and Side Brace Joist Stirrup Lap Weld Welded Ring Pile Band Chain Links Baled Hay Hook Large Welded Clevis Ring Bolt Double Eye Bolt Scalding Hook Single Tree Hook Wagon Wrench Bolt Head Center Punch Cold Chisel Compound Lever Bar Hand Punch Ice Tongs Straight Lip Tongs Hoof Parers Iron and Steel Mild Steel -- Wrought Iron Tool Steel -- Cast Iron Hardening and Tempering Hardening Tempering Hardening and Tempering the Cold Chisel Tools and Their Tempering Colors Annealing Case Hardening PDF Reprint #4 47 Pages Machine Blacksmithing System in the Blacksmith Shop Tools for the Blacksmith Shop Anvils and Forges Power Hammers and Forging Appliances The Steam Hammer and Its Use PDF Reprint #5 210 Pages Modern Blacksmithing This book includes rules, tables, recipes, etc., useful to manufacturers, blacksmiths, machinists, well-drillers, engineers, liverymen, horse-shoers, farmers, wagon-makers, and mechanics. PDF Reprint #6 ~ #9 1114 Pages in total Practical Blacksmithing Volume 1 ~ Volume 4 This is a collection of articles contributed at different times by skilled workmen to the columns of "The Blacksmith and wheelwright" and covering nearly the whole range of blacksmithing from the simplest job of work to some of the most complex forgings. PDF Reprint #10 496 Pages The Mechanician This is a treatise on the construction and manipulation of tools, for the use and instruction of young engineers and scientific amateurs; comprising the arts of blacksmithing and forging; the construction and manufacture of hand tools, and the various methods of using and grinding them; description of hand and machine processes; turning and screw cutting; and the various details of setting out work incidental to the mechanical engineer's and machinist's art. PDF Reprint #11 249 Pages Net Price List of Iron and Steel This book contains illustrations of just about everything made by blacksmiths in the early 20th Century, such as wagon and carriage hardware, woodstock and carriage trimmings, blacksmith's tools, mill and lumbermen's supplies. PDF Reprint #12 193 Pages A Practical Guide to Iron and Steel Works Analyses This Guide has been compiled from the successful volume, Laboratory Notes on Iron and Steel Analyses, to meet the requirements of those who do not wish to enter for the complete analytical course. Notes on Fuel Analyses have been added. PDF Reprint #13 424 Pages Forge-Practice and Heat Treatment of Steel Modern demands on the finished products of steel have necessitated rapid strides in the art of heat treatment of the metal. As the subjects of forging, hardening, tempering and annealing are so closely correlated it has seemed wise to add to "Forge Practice" a certain amount of material devoted to the other branches of the art. It is the earnest wish of the writers of this volume that it may be instrumental in helping men engaged in heat treating steel to be of greater value to themselves and others. PDF Reprint #14 663 Pages Machine Molding, Foundry Appliances, Malleable Casting, Brass Founding, Blacksmith-Shop Equipment, Iron Forging, Tool Dressing, Hardening & Tempering, Treatment of Low-Carbon Steel, Hammer Work, Machine Forging, Special Forging Operations This is a series of textbooks prepared for the students of the international correspondence schools and containing in permanent form the instruction papers, examination questions, and keys used in their various courses. PDF Reprint #15 74 Pages Architectural Wrought-Iron: Ancient & Modern This book is a compilation of examples from various sources of German, Swiss, Italian, French, English and American iron-work from mediaeval times down to the present day (1888). PDF Reprint #16 298 Pages Electric Welding This is a comprehensive treatise on the practice of the various resistance and arc welding processes, covering descriptions of the machines and apparatus used and the applications both in manufacturing and repair work. PDF Reprint #17 146 Pages Elementary Wrought Iron This book is written to point out to industrial-arts men the possibilities of metal work as an industrial-arts subject. It is true that courses have been offered before and that texts have been written before, but these courses and texts were either all forge work, all sheet-metal work, or all machine work. The present book calls for a shop layout which may be termed a general metal shop; one in which a number of metal-working activities are represented. Thus, while most of the projects in this book are forge work, many of them involve some bench-metal work, sheet-metal work, lathe work, or pipe fitting. Some problems involve only one of these activities, some several, and a few all of them. Here, indeed, is an opportunity to present to the students a broad and comprehensive insight into the metal-working industry. The projects selected are not the chains, clevises, and gate hooks so common in forge work, nor the abstract tool operations built into the strictly machine-shop courses. Here are live projects like hammer heads and hack-saw frames; magazine baskets and end tables; fern stands, andirons, and candlesticks; desk lamps, table lamps, and bridge lamps; and a goodly number of others. The writer believes that these projects will prove every bit as universally popular as are the present-day woodworking projects. PDF Reprint #18 128 Pages A Manual of Useful Information and Tables Appertaining to the Use of Wrought Iron PDF Reprint #19 178 Pages Pocket Companion of Useful Information and Tables Appertaining to the Use of Wrought Iron PDF Reprint #20 328 Pages The Construction of Wrought Iron Bridges This book embraces the practical application of the principles of mechanics to wrought iron girder work. PDF Reprint #21 219 Pages Forge Work Teachers of forge work generally supply their own course of instruction and arrange the exercises for practice. The necessary explanations and information are given orally, and hence often with very unsatisfactory results, as the average student is not able to retain all the essential points of the course. It was the desire to put this instruction in some permanent form for the use of forge students that led the author to undertake this work. PDF Reprint #22 176 Pages The Value of Science in the Smithy and Forge PDF Reprint #23 43 Pages Bolt, Nut and Rivet Forging PDF Reprint #24 296 Pages Dinanderie: A History and Description of Mediaeval Art Work in Copper, Brass and Bronze with 120 Illustrations PDF Reprint #25 518 Pages The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel PDF Reprint #26 217 Pages Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting This book covers electric, forge and thermit welding, together with related methods and materials used in metal working and the oxygen process for removal of carbon. PDF Reprint #27 294 Pages Hardening, Tempering, Annealing & Forging of Steel This is a treatise on the practical treatment and working of high and low grade steel, comprising the selection and identification of steel, the most modern and approved heating, hardening, tempering, annealing and forging processes, the use of gas blast forges, heating machines and furnaces, the annealing and manufacturing of malleable iron, the treatment and use of self-hardening steel, with special reference to casehardening processes, the hardening and tempering of milling cutters and press tools, the use of machinery steel for cutting tools, forging and welding, high grade steel forgings in America, forging of hollow shafts, drop-forging, and grinding processes for tools and machine parts. Notes for buyers The Product: This item is for 1 DVD containing the PDF reprints described as above. The DVD is to be used on a computer DVD drive. It cannot be used on any standalone DVD player. The PDF files are to be opened by Adobe Reader v5.0 or above. Payment Methods: Australian customers: PayPal, Direct Deposit International customers: PayPal only Combined Postage: If you buy multiple items and can take all the files on a single CD/DVD, then there is no additional postage & handling charges. Otherwise, postage cannot be combined as each CD/DVD is posted in a separate CD-mailer via Australia Post. Notice to eBay staff This auction abides by eBay’s listing rules and polices. No trademarks and/or copyrights have been violated. We are either the publisher or an authorized distributor of these PDF reprints. Condition: Brand new, Language: English, Format: PDF Books on Disc Insights Exclusive
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